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Scholarship Fund


In the establishment of a Fund to support Higher Education;
some of the Pioneer/Early Members included:

F. Jane Harris – New York
Natalie Morris – Bermuda
Dolores Thompson – New York
Cheryl Hammond Hopewell – Philadelphia
Jackie Willis
Henry Simpson
Bivian Demby
Dolores Montgomery

The First Benefit Luncheon for the Frank C. Cummings Scholarship Fund, Inc. was held on December 2,
1989 at LaGrange Inn in West Islip, NY. The Scholarship Fund was incorporate in 1992 and has provided Scholarships to our Young Adults heading to College.

The Board of Directors in 1992 included:
George McLean – President
F. Jane Harris – Vice President
Henry Simpson – Secretary
Dolores Thompson – Treasurer

Members: Harry Brinkly, Bivian L. Demby, Barbara Dozier, James Edwards, Lillie Gardner, Jessie Godwin, Lucille Goodine, Cheryl Hammond Hopewell, Jeannette T. Johns, Naomi King, Parchell Cummings-Mix, Dolores Montgomery, Natalie Morris, Arletha D. Smith, Caroline Stanley, Frances W. Ward,
Jackie Willis, Catherine Young.


Current 2019-2023 FCC Officers:

President - Mary Mootoo

Scholarship Chairperson - Francine Davis

Secretary - Mae Felder

Treasurer - Cheryl Hammond Hopewell

Financial Secretary - Wanda Duckett

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